Bahamas Bitters Digestive Tincture 4 oz.

This wonderful tincture is gentle on your digestive tract while helping you move things easier. Made with gingerroot, mugwort leaves, fennel leaves, lemon balm, and oranges, my Bahamas Bitters Digestive Tincture is a great ever day tonic to help keep you regular. You can also take it to quell an upset stomach and to ease stomach cramps.

Mood Balance Tincture, 4 oz.

My mood-balancing tincture is not only great for keeping your mood in check but also great for stress-relief! Just like the mood balance tea, this tincture was carefully blended and prepared with valerian root, chamomile flowers, St. John’s Wort, wild oats and organic oranges. It is go-to remedy if you’re overworked, stressed out, or need a mood boost.

(This version is made with vegetable glycerin and does not contain any alcohol)