Well Wishes & Reviews

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some beautiful souls through my products and services. Here’s just a few well wishers that had some great things to say about The Happy Herb Apothecary:

10469948_10153460619249602_6779418519903796538_n“I first sampled the migraine tea. After realizing traditional medicine would leave me sicker and take longer as I grew a tolerance, I tried tea. The migraine tea has been a lifesaver and I am truly grateful to The Happy Herb Apothecary. I am also trying the Focus Tea today for the first time. The migraine tea works wonders. If I catch my migraine coming on I immediately get tea and it’s gone within the next couple of hours. I would most definitely recommend this to friends and family.” –Alsace Carcione, Musician & Hip-Hop Artist





11748833_456084147885558_1333805622_n“When I saw you made handmade and picked special blend teas, I had to get them all. Cold and Flu is by far one of my favorite blends. It is simple but highly effective. When I drink your teas I feel renewed because they have concentrated positive energy that is insightful to my spirit. Serenity Meditation tea is my next favorite teas, the blend is fantastic. I enjoy the delicious blend and it’s so beautiful. The red clove blossoms set the mood for chakra ascension and deep meditation. Sleep well Sleep Tight works wonders. It is a beautiful blend that has a full body smell that excites your senses. It’s also very beautiful to quietly admire until you drift asleep comfortably. I would recommend that everyone purchase all of your teas because the herbs are high quality and charged with healing energy. They are a great addition to any medicine cabinet. Most people don’t realize this, but medicine cabinets belong in the kitchen, not the bathrooms. No potty medicine for me, I need my stuff naturally grown.” -Angelica R., Owner of Mama Ama









“I had a tea blend for energy, and it worked well gave me an extra tank on late night projects…” -David J., Founder of Agged Out



“I purchased a variety of teas as well as a tincture and the products have been wonderful. The teas all have a great taste and aroma. Yes, I would absolutely recommend these products to friends and family. Thank You, Courtney.” -Marisol R.