What is Intuitive Herbalism?

So what exactly is intuitive herbalism? Is it some type of New Age concept?

I want to discuss the concept of intuitive herbalism because while it’s not a familiar topic, it’s been practiced since ancient times. Intuitive herbalism is a form of communication with the plant world through multiple ways: shamanic journeying, consuming a plant, inhaling the fumes by smoking a plant, or by simply meditating with it. With these methods we can inuit or communicate with it through sensations, thought forms, or images. Some may find the notion that the plant world is conscious and can communicate with hard to swallow. But, if you observe and study various indigenous cultures, almost all of them have a medicine man/woman or shaman that obtains his or her information from the plant and spirit world. This is a normal practice for them just like using the scientific method is to us. It’s been very recent that this art-form has been making its way into Western culture (finally!).

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in plant communication or not, you can still benefit from the healing properties of them. That’s what I love about the plant world, they are here for us no matter what!

The method I generally use to communicate with plants is drinking a tea or tincture or just by meditating with it in my hands. Sometimes, if I can’t get a good reading off of the plant, I practice shamanic journeying (a sort of trance state) to communicate with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still do my research on the plant world, but I find the method of getting back in touch with nature to be way more rewarding and insightful.